Gift Vouchers & Savings Club

Gift Vouchers & Savings Club

GoSk8 Savings Club & Gift Vouchers Please note if you are only ordering Vouchers delivery costs are free for Vouchers over €20 so on the check out screen just select "pick up from shop" and leave a comment saying you want it to be delivered. Thank you ;)

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  • GoSk8 Gift Vouchers

    Having trouble choosing what skates or Scooter to buy your friend or family member this Christmas? Well our special Christmas gift vouchers are perfect for you, available from £5 to £100. All vouchers will be sent by registered post or you can simply drop down to our store to pick one up. All vouchers will have a code so that it can be used online. Available anywhere in the UK.

  • GoSk8 Savings Club

    To help everyone get the item they want we have a Savings Club that you can join by simply buying credit. If there is an item you want to buy but you would prefer to spread your payments buy some credit you can afford for now and under the comments sections just mention what item you are buying the credit towards (if any) and we will hold the item for you. You can pay what you want when you want. Can also be used to pay a deposit against an item you want. Available to anyone living in the UK!